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          Alloy Wheel Repair

          Alloy Wheel Damage

          Alloy Wheel Damage

          Alloy wheel damage happens to even the best drivers out there – sometimes it just cant be avoided and is a bit of sheer bad luck. But this type of damage can really affect the look of your car and it can also result in hefty penalties when lease vehicles are concerned.

          You can damage your alloys in a variety of ways but the most common causes we have found are swerving to avoid traffic or when parking. On both occasions it is usually the kerb who is the culprit.

          Our team at Revive! can help you get your alloy wheels looking brand new before you know it. We are a mobile repair company, which means we can refurbishment your alloy wheels wherever and whenever suits you! Give us a call today on 0800 056 2999 to find out more information or to schedule in your alloy wheel repair.

          Alloy Wheel Repair

          What Revive! can and can’t do:

          There is a limit to what Revive! can and can’t do with alloy wheel repairs. Diamond cut alloys and special effects are all a part of the usual Revive! service however repairs can only be achieved on cosmetic damage (light to medium damage), not structural.

          Alloy wheel repairs cover:

          • Paint repairs to damaged alloy wheels
          • Minor defects on alloy wheel spokes and rims
          • Cosmetic repairs to alloy wheels (light to medium damage)

          Alloy wheel repairs will not cover:

          • Structural damage to alloy wheels
          • Damage to alloys that has buckled or distorted the wheel
          • Severe kerbing
          • Rusting

          If you have any of the above which are not quite within Revive!’s repair scope, we would then advise you to contact a local bodyshop or alloy specialist.

          How do Revive! repair alloy wheels?

          Revive!’s expert technicians follow industry guidelines and repair techniques to repair damaged alloy wheels to the highest quality. The damaged area is prepared, sanded down and a layer of special purpose primer is added. The area is then painted, lacquered and left to dry with the aid of Revive!’s mobile equipment.

          Generally wheels are left on the car whilst repairing however in some parts of the country Revive! have specially adapted alloy wheel vans which can remove wheels from the car and then remove the tyre from the wheel by braking the bead.


          Revive! believe in fairness when pricing is concerned. Costs are usually fixed and per wheel, however prices may vary depending upon where you live in the country. It should also be noted that diamond cut and special effect wheels may cost more than standard alloys due to the intricacy of the repair. Repairs on these wheels can be very time consuming.

          You can rest assured with Revive!. We deliver a top quality convenient service using the most innovate products and materials available. So if you want quality and convenience, make sure it’s Revive!