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          Fleet Solutions

          Working with Revive! means fleet companies benefit from the technical excellence and flexibility of local technicians backed by the professionalism and outstanding customer service of a large national organisation.

          Our service is already trusted by some of the UK’s biggest names in fleet management such as Lex Autolease and FMG.

          We work with fleet partners who want to enhance their customer offering, keep their fleets in good condition and lower their repair bills.

          Revive! can provide repairs when cars get damaged, refresh cars for employee changeover and assist fleets with pre-handover inspections before the end of the vehicle lease to minimise penalty costs.

          Accident Management – Revive! offers cost effective SMART repair solutions for fleet management companies to give the widest range of service to their customers.

          Defleet/End of Lease – Revive! provide an outsourced solution for defleet or end of lease vehicles that helps you to minimise penalty charges. With a national network of technicians that clearly understand ‘fair wear and tear’ standards, we offer short/medium term contracts to assist with your end of lease requirements.

          Company Fleets – Fleet managers are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs but at the same time maximise residual vehicle values. Our Revive! technicians fix minor repairs quickly at the location of your choice saving the driver time and inconvenience of arranging a courtesy car. This will cause minimum disruption to your business saving you the expense of a traditional Bodyshop repair.

          For more information on how your fleet can benefit from Revive! fleet solutions email fleet_enquiries@www.nclbff.com .