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          Paint Repairs

          Minor Paint Repair For Car Scratch Repair

          Revive! repairs minor paint damage for car scratch repair on a mobile basis. Revive! accredited technicians work out of specially adapted vans using the most advanced and innovative products to produce a quality repair at a?fraction of the price of a traditional body shop. Revive! work for Car Dealerships, Fleet and Lease companies, Insurance Companies and the general public.

          Convenience – Mobile Repairs

          Jobs usually take between one and two hours and are carried out at a time and location convenient to you. We do need somewhere safe to work and access to an electricity supply.

          Quality Repairs

          Revive! are the only “SMART” organisation to run an ongoing accreditation programme for their repair technicians, this is to ensure that the professional standards of a quality repair and customer service are met.?Please click here to find out more.

          Revive! will always work with the highest quality products to allow for a durable finish for your car paint repair.

          Why choose Revive!

          Revive! has the significant benefit of local business owners working under one cohesive national structure. Customers benefit from the flexibility of a local technician with the quality and professionalism of a large national organisation.

          Let us get your car looking like new with our car scratch repair and car paint repair services.